About The Firm - Niall Horgan
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About The Firm

Niall Horgan Solicitors is a commercial law firm which specialises in legal advice on banking and debt financing and restructuring in Ireland, from debt product development, the negotiation and consummation of all forms of debt financing, debt sales and purchases (including syndication) to debt settlement, restructuring and recovery. Its aim is to provide cost effective and commercially relevant solutions and dedicated project and transaction management expertise to its clients.


Niall Horgan

Niall Horgan spent 8 years with a leading international law firm in London specialising in banking, including acquisition finance and lending to funds.

He returned to Dublin in late 2005 and he was a partner for 10 years in one of the largest law firms in Ireland, specialising in debt financing (including invoice discounting and property, project, working capital and acquisition finance), restructuring and debt sales and purchases.